February 12, 2012

Review of The Pizza Man – Hooksett, NH

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The Pizza Man 254 W. River Rd, Hooksett, NH 03106

The Facts:

  • price: Moderately expensive, $26 for 2 small pizzas with 2 cans of soda.  (If the overall quality had been better I would have said average price, but I couldn’t help but think that it was kind of expensive for something that wasn’t any better than frozen pizza from the supermarket.)
  • atmosphere: Very, very clean, otherwise a typical pizza shop with plastic bench seats and tables.
  • menu: Sandwiches and pizzas.  Pizza was the only gf item.
  • food quality: Poor, Mr. GF got sick after eating pizza billed as gluten free.
  • overall recommendation: Skip it.  Too expensive for a basic  pizza house menu and the supposedly gf pizza made my husband sick.

The Details:

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon The Pizza Man, a local pizza restaurant that does  gluten free pizza.

According to their website the owner has Celiac’s Disease and all the employees are trained in how to prepare a gf pizza without cross-contamination.  It looked really promising, but apparently the person who made ours missed the training.

The small pizzas were about the size of a grocery store frozen pizza, so we ordered one gluten free and one regular, and two cans of soda.  The bill came to $26 and change.  It was a little expensive, but we had hopes of enjoying cold pizza the next day and the price was definitely worth it if Mr. GF could get a gf pizza that I didn’t have to make.

Boy was I wrong!

The regular pizza was adequate, a step above the budget frozen varieties.  (I really think most of the high end brands might have been better.) The crust was like cardboard and the toppings were reminiscent of the roller rink.

The gf pizza was pretty much the same, the only difference was that we expected the gf crust to lack the taste and texture of regular pizza crust.

In spite of all this we held on to the belief that an expensive,  sub-standard gf pizza was worth it since we didn’t have to make it ourselves.  Then we got home.

Mr. GF spent most of the rest of the day and evening in the bathroom.  Something that has not happened since he started eating gluten free, even when he accidentally ate food with gluten.

Considering that they make a big deal about the fact that they know how to do gluten free, I probably should have contacted the manager or owner to complain, but I didn’t.   Mr. GF was sick enough after eating their version of a  gf pizza that there are not enough assurances in the world that would convince us to try The Pizza Man again.  EVER.


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