December 27, 2011

Welcome To My Bijou Kitchen

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My Bijou KitchenSometimes when I read a cooking blog I wonder what kind of kitchen the writer is working in.  Do they have a huge kitchen like I see on the design shows with expensive granite counter tops, tons of storage and the latest high-end appliances or do they have a regular, everyday family kitchen with a ten year old fridge and chipped linoleum?

I live in a 1950’s cape with a typical miniscule 1950’s cape style kitchen.   Each of the work areas of the kitchen triangle are only a couple of steps away from each other and it is the perfect amount of space for one person to cook, bake or work in the kitchen.  The down side of this is that it is  literally impossible for a second person to be in the room without being in the way.

As for the amenities, I’ve painted the cabinets, replaced appliances, had additional outlets on separate circuits installed and made over the teeny tiny broom closet to serve as a pantry but otherwise the kitchen is pure retro 1950.  I still need to refinish the floor and replace the counters and bottom cabinets, but it can wait.   It may not be very sexy or glamorous, but it was efficiently designed for a busy housewife and it works for me.

Now that you’ve seen my little kitchen with the limited cabinets and the foot and a half of usable counter space on either side of the sink, what do you think?  Could you cook in it?  Can you see yourself baking fabulous gluten-free cookies and cakes and breads?  If you’re like me, size doesn’t really matter.  I’ve had larger and smaller kitchens and as long as they are clean and have music I can work in them.  (Music is essential to cooking and baking and I can’t imagine spending any time in the kitchen without it, but that is a thought for another day…)

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen, tomorrow we start baking.


October 25, 2011

Hello! My name is Pat and I am gluten-free by marriage

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Hi everyone!  My name is Pat and I am gluten-free by marriage.  As I mentioned in my bio, I love to cook.  I enjoy making pretty much everything, casseroles, soups, etc…, but my real passion is baking.  (I have cookie issues, some might call it an addiction, but that is a whole other story…)  After twenty-five years of cheerfully whipping up tasty breakfasts, dinners and snacks my wonderful husband developed an intolerance to gluten and I was faced with the challenge of reinventing the wheel.  No more quickie, throw together casseroles with canned soup, no more soups with store-bought stock, no more pasta and no more bread.  (Did I mention that I love bread almost as much as I love cookies?)  No more gluten and the awesome home-baked goodness that goes with it.

Suddenly I understood why people freaked at the prospect of gluten-free cooking…

It didn’t seem so bad at first.  In my ignorance I believed that I would just adapt recipes to alternative flours.  Then I started reading gluten-free blogs.  Apparently all those pantry staples that make it so easy to make homemade meals on busy weeknights contain gluten.  Canned soups, gravies and even stock all have added wheat. Many brands of  Worcestershire, steak and soy sauce add wheat to their products.  Don’t even think about buying bottled salad dressing.  Anything purchased in a bottle, can or jar has the potential to contain gluten.  Yikes!  I already read labels for sodium, fat and added sugars, now I had to look out for wheat.  Suddenly I understood why people freaked at the prospect of gluten-free cooking.

If you or a member of your family is suddenly facing a gluten-free lifestyle, don’t worry.  I’m here to tell you that once you get over the initial shock, it’s not that bad.  Seriously.  It only takes a little bit of planning to get into a routine so that you’re not spending every free moment in the kitchen.

Please join me as I venture into the world of gluten-free cooking.  My cooking style is Everyday Easy and my focus is recipes such as casseroles and soups that stretch to two meals.  I may not have a new post every day, but I promise to share my recipe hits and misses, and hope that you find my cooking style an easy way to embrace the gluten-free life.

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